Enlighten Me New York

My day started with a haircut but progressed into something much more.  I got to meet Jonathan who asked that I take his picture, his energy: enthusiastic and hopeful with a smile that’s contagious. Guards down and an open heart.  Around the corner I spotted Louis Mendes an artist ( who’s picture-perfect Taking a photo of a photographer can always make you sweat a little and his “you have one shot” didn’t make it easier.  He’s calm, cool and collected.  Lastly, on my way home Uptown I stop at 59th St and get introduced to the audio of Malang Jobarteh, he plays Gambian Kora, smiles, sings and exposes our ears to sounds that fill the underground.

Here in New York, I get to experience those who want to share their life, who are positive, creative, warm.

Focusing only on getting from point A to point B lends itself to missed interactions and exchange. There’s a whole distance between those 2 points.  While I am here ‘being’ on this level of existence I look forward to enlightening moments.