I’m passionate about life and its experiences; whole-heartedly believing everything happens for a reason. Years of my existence have flown by with little recollection: a myriad of cities, states and countries later, I continue wanting something I can relate to, understand, connect with.  Photography is very much a part of how I see things even when without a camera in hand. It’s how I’ve come to connect with others and has been a gift in every way.

Photo has been in my life for over a decade now and even more time has been spent daydreaming about “growing up” and being able to capture moments of people and things that only I am experiencing in that one way that’s personal to only me, becoming part of my knowledge and reality.

I don’t believe in rapid shooting, having been trained in the old-school ways of darkroom printing and analogue cameras where you make it happen in one shot – you make it count.  Street & lifestyle photography is what I’m passionate about; there’s nothing more tantalizing or intense. I’m an advocate of “the decisive moment” and candid imagery.  I want to relish in moments that otherwise couldn’t be absorbed for longer than a just few seconds of my life.

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