Calling It Quits @ 1am

A LGBTQ Pride kickoff party in NYC @ Avenue Lounge and nightclub.
A LGBTQ Pride kickoff party in NYC @ Avenue Lounge and nightclub.

There’s nothing like leaving a club at 1am and while you’re already having you’re after-drinks slice of pie you notice that those who are 10 years younger than you are just barely arriving at the clubs.  Did I also mention it was a WEDNESDAY night?!

Look, I can dance with the best of them and drink with the worst of them but staying out late on a workday is just not reality for me anymore!  I need to stack my paper, manage people, get invoices paid, type coherent emails.

So ya, while you are leaving home . . . I am heading back.  I am OK with that, no really.

Paying It Forward

I’m not very keen on handouts ya see?

So when I chose to swipe my metro and enter the underground only to find that I forgot to put in my gauged ear plugs leaving my lobes a stretched mess I knew I’d have to head right back home. I was not stepping into my conservative job LIKE THAT! So I took my ass home. Pushed them right in and made a u-turn back to the downtown train. Please tell me 11 minutes have lapsed since I last swiped. Please?!

Swipe! Beeeep! Damn!

I pivot to get a single ride from the machine only to see the attendant point to me then to the turnstile right next to me. “What?! Oh shit! Thank you so much.” And in I went to the dank underground.

This hand out, I’ll take. Now I just have to find a way to pay it forward.