Calling It Quits @ 1am

A LGBTQ Pride kickoff party in NYC @ Avenue Lounge and nightclub.
A LGBTQ Pride kickoff party in NYC @ Avenue Lounge and nightclub.

There’s nothing like leaving a club at 1am and while you’re already having you’re after-drinks slice of pie you notice that those who are 10 years younger than you are just barely arriving at the clubs.  Did I also mention it was a WEDNESDAY night?!

Look, I can dance with the best of them and drink with the worst of them but staying out late on a workday is just not reality for me anymore!  I need to stack my paper, manage people, get invoices paid, type coherent emails.

So ya, while you are leaving home . . . I am heading back.  I am OK with that, no really.

San Francisco in Transition

Castro Gay District in San Francisco

I want to observe you in absolute admirable awe of the fact I can’t put you in a category, I appreciate the grey in what most can only comprehend in black & white. It’s not a matter of questioning to understand but rather just accepting. Reacting in “is that a boy, girl….andro, femme boy. . . ?” is not where we should be, because I’m going to take a look at you and let go of that small box that the world puts you in and when my turn is up, I’ll want you to take the lid of mine.

So….. slow, sweet San Francisco reminded me of the appreciation I have for FTMs & MTFs.  It allowed me to spend the first day questioning even the biomen & biowomen but everyday past that being grateful for realizing I don’t need those sorts of “definitions”.  Just be. Love and acceptance will come.